Jennifer Sits with Interview Magazine to Discuss Her Latest Role

April 3, 2014 6:49 pm

Jennifer Westfeld rehearsing

In the midst of preview performances for her new role as Elizabeth Gabriel in the production of Scott Z. Burns’ The Library, directed by Steven Soderbergh, Jennifer sat down with Interview Magazine’s Emma Brown.

“I think the play is trying to get at how, in the face of calamity, people grasp onto narratives that help them cope, whether or not they happen to be true,” says Jennifer, when describing the show that follows a teenage girl’s account of surviving a high school shooting. “Everybody in this play, including Elizabeth, is trapped in the story they’ve chosen to create and/or believe. How those narratives relate to the truth varies from person to person and character to character in the story. It’s an every-shifting relation”.

The full interview can be seen on Interview Magazine’s site.