Did You Catch Jennifer on GIRLS?

February 2, 2014 7:35 am


Jennifer’s GIRLS cameo just premiered, and the critical reception has been wonderful.  In the episode she plays Annalise Pressler-Goings, the grieving widow of Hannah’s (now former) publisher. Annalise accidentally reveals to Hannah that her book probably won’t come out, and cringe-worthy comedy ensues.

Some quotes about Jennifer’s performance in the episode, “Only Child”

“In perhaps our favorite cameo so far, Jennifer Westfeldt plays the grieving wife of Hannah’s presumed-gay (and definitely deceased) editor, David.” -Huffington Post

“Jennifer Westfeldt is excellent casting as David’s wife, and I hope that we get to see her more than this one time.” -Todd VanDerWerff, AV Club

“Westfeldt is a naturally warm actress, yet she knows how to play up a scene’s tension so it’s prickly in just the right way.” -Alan Zilberman, BrightestYoungThings

“…it’s cathartic and delightful to see Annalise, played in a bit of perfect casting by Jennifer Westfeldt, tell Hannah “Okay, if I do give you another name, will you get the fuck out of here?’” -Alyssa Rosenberg, Vulture